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Dream Hotel

Doha has long been an alluring crossroads for the wanderlust. This jewel of a city, once a marketplace for precious pearls, played host to the FIFA World Cup in 2022 and will host Formula 1 Grand Prix in October 2023, capturing global attention. These historic moments have set the stage for Dream Hotel’s launch of its flagship property in the Gulf in Fall 2023. With imaginative interiors by acclaimed interior design studio Meyer Davis, Dream Doha takes cues from the iconic, local landmarks by Jean Nouvel, I.M Pei, and Zaha Hadid that have remade the city's skyline.

Endlessly inspired by this cosmopolitan city on the rise, Dream Doha arrives with a singular purpose - introduce our signature style of experiential hospitality to the market.

HBK CBQ Lusail Residential Tower

The overall project consists of a hotel and apartment building located on an approximately 48,000 sq.m plot on the shore line in Lusail, Doha, Qatar. The Works will include the design (for PT elements, steel structure connections and similar), submission and obtaining authorities approvals and permits,  construction, testing, inspection, completion of the proposed substructure concrete works package including all associated works and MEP first fix such as conduits, pull wire, back boxes, sleeves, puddle flanges and all related accessories to complete the system layout, lightning protection system core and below rafts foundation plumbing works, all as shown in the tender documents. The Work comprises of two Basement floors and one Promenade floor slab, until demarcation line shown in the drawings. 

Kahrama Water Resrvoir project (QBC)

The iconic water security mega reservoir project is one of the largest of its kind in the world and designed to extend the strategic water stock in Qatar’s water network from 2 to 7 days which will increase the capacity of water storage by 10 times. At five different sites around greater Doha area, new mega reservoirs are being built along with integrated pumping stations including more than 650 km of interconnecting water pipelines.
The reservoirs and pipeline network, with associated pumping stations, will provide up to 17 million cubic meters of strategic potable water storage. A massive ring main system will be provided between the independent water and power plants, allowing water to flow from the north to the south and vice versa, so that it may be delivered to any location in Eastern Qatar, irrespective of water availability.

Domopan Qatar

Domopan was launched in 2007 with an extensive portfolio of activities in response to the market needs of a booming real estate sector and economic development. The heart of our work is providing turnkey design-build solutions for a wide range of project types including Hospitality, Healthcare, Residential, Industrial and Government/Defense.

Although general construction is our core strength, our finishing credentials are also boosted by the success of our in-house divisions including gypsum works, doors and hardware, and tensile fabrics / roof structures divisions. Our divisions have proven to be a reliable partner to supplement our own main contracting activities and have become an integral part of the supply-chain of some of the most reputable contractors in Qatar.

Completed Project

Completed Project

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